Meet Jane

Meet Jane

Jane Speaks is curated by Catherine Reigel and Kendra Bouda, who both believe in the power of collaborative scholarly work to create conversations that bridge the divide between academia, cultural institutions, and the public.

Catherine is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Educational Policy Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her research interests include the histories of American higher education, gender and sexuality, youth and adolescence, and literary culture. Her dissertation examines the history of sexual violence in American higher education from roughly 1927 to 1957. Catherine received her MA in education from the University of Colorado and her BA in history from the University of California, Santa Cruz.


Kendra is metadata and information specialist with Internet Scout Research Group at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She holds her MA in library and information studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a MA in arts management from Columbia College Chicago, and a certificate in artifact collection care from the University of Chicago. Prior to joining the Scout team, Kendra taught as adjunct faculty at Columbia, instructing arts management and business writing courses, and served as acting collections manager of Columbia’s fashion study collection. Kendra has a strong interest in the openness movement, particularly as it pertains to cultural objects and datasets that have the potential to help realize positive change in people’s lives.

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